Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready for the Used Book Perusing

Once again, I'm going used book shopping, which means lots of time reading book titles and spending more money I shouldn't be spending. Maybe I can find those two books that I'm still looking for, though they'll just end up as more unread books on my shelf. (I was doing rather good for awhile.) And them books are only going to stack up even more as my next novel is quite the tome, Brave Story. Looks good, but man, it's long. I'll keep you posted as to how it is.

As for other things, I finally finished a draft of my workshop materials--which are due today. It might not be super-fantastic, but it is finished and I have something "new" to turn in. I'm hoping that once it gets polished up, it might find a home at GUD, as that magazine looks to be a good fit with my style.

Still hoping to check out Rocknrolla this weekend, as the new flicks for today look rather mediocre or outright garbage.

Anyway, have a restful weekend all, and I'll see you back on Monday.

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