Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the big week of big meals, big travel, and--quite possibly--big headaches. I'm hoping everything goes well as my family is headed this way on Wednesday, and my wife and I need to finish our preparations.

Yesterday was loads of fun, grocery shopping and trying not to let my heart stop when I saw the final bill. Luckily, I buffered that frightening occurrence by watching a film from my childhood, Erik The Viking. Quite the film, if you've never seen it and are either a fan of Terry Jones or Tim Robbins.

And as I did when I needed my tablet, I'm selling off more of my video game collection via eBay. You can see them here, and I suggest you check back often, as I will be adding many more games, DVDs, and books on a daily basis.

I suppose that's about it. Gibberish will fill out the rest of the week, and depending on how things go, there might be a new development on the comic front come Monday. Anyway, Happy Turkey Day all, I hope you have a fantastic holiday and take a few moments to think about what, truly, matters most in your life.

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