Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Things

For some reason, this blog has taken the back burner of my mind. All too often, I think everyday is a comic day and I don't need to write anything. Then I realize it's Wednesday, and that my life has been more than a little uneventful in these last few days. So here are some quick tidbits that may or may not have been twitter-worthy (if I ever get such a thing as twitter):

Ate chicken fingers at Raising Canes, which were awesome, as usual. Ate them with lots of pellet ice Dr. Pepper. Confused a hockey helmet for a clock.

FINALLY beat Alien Hominid.

Under the moonlight and steaming breath, my wife and I stuffed our trash can full of broken branches.

Worked on thesis, almost done compiling everything.

Also wrote some more on a new short story. Story involves space, zombies, a dying dog, and a boy named Angus.

Cooked, ate, cleaned kitchen, cleaned bathroom, then read Frenchtown Summer by Robert Cormier.

Woke up angry, not wanting to be at work.

Why the balls isn't it time for my lunch?

Will have guest artist for tomorrow's Gibberish. Michael Elder. Come back for that. Please.

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