Friday, April 3, 2009

I Drug My Cat Daily

Until Wednesday, I was not aware that one could give Prozac to their pets. I don't know if it is a different formula than what doctors prescribe for us humans, but it can help level a cat out.

I may have mentioned him in the past, Mr. McTookis, but this cat has been ridiculous from day one. Granted, he IS/WAS a feral cat, and he's so ornery, my wife and I haven't known what to do with him. And it's not that he's peeing on stuff or clawing our couch to shreds--from what I can tell, he hasn't peed anywhere but the litter box--but he attacks our other two cats non-stop. This isn't just the playful tussle either: Tookis stalks them, corners them, boxes them out from coming or going from certain rooms. As his name suggests, he's an asshole. And this is probably my fault for naming him what I did.

So, even though I hate to do it--I think the world is incredibly overmedicated--for my other cats' sake, my wife and I decided that it really is for the best. Of course, if it changes his personality too much (I love that little booger) we'll stop the meds, but for now, he seems to be the same Tookis, he just sleeps a bit more. I've got my eye on him though.

Enough about my cat--which I'm sure you're already thinking--I've got things to do, plenty to do, and will give a full report on Monday, as some of it--to me at least--is quite exciting.

Have a good weekend.

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