Friday, April 24, 2009


My power-drafting was successful. I printed off, packaged up, and shipped off my novel to an agent yesterday. It might not be 100 percent polished, or even quite where I wanted it to be, but it is one step closer to that step.

And really, it was nothing short of a miracle for me to get this done. I get distracted so easily, it's not even funny, but for the past two days, it's been nothing but my novel. And by nothing but, I really mean it. I think on Wednesday, I worked on that thing for a good 11 hours... and I'm not exaggerating either. Hours of writing. I'm pretty sure my brain is mush.

Anyway, if you're a believer in any sort of well wishing, I'd be much obliged for any good vibes, prayers, or crossed fingers you'd send my way. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated--even if you don't care.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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