Friday, December 12, 2008

The Continuing Saga of Space Bird

Here he is in all his painted glory. All things considered, I'm pretty excited about this whole venture. It came out better than I ever though possible. The only thing left is to build the diorama that he will live inside, floating forever in space. (Through his creation and my continued amusement by just looking at him, I think there is something wrong with my brain meats.)

Plus, I was mighty impressed with my friend's tiny camera (the top right picture is my favorite). That thing can take quite the picture once you get the settings where you want them. I shall purchase such an item--and soon.

As for the weekend, there will be lots more prep for our vacation. I still need to get things together so I won't miss a post while I'm gone--I will reveal a Gibberish surprise next week. Plus, I need to finish up a few more of my arts, as I won't have much time to work on such things while I'm on vacation.

Have yourself a super fine weekend, and I'll see you around on Monday.

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