Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boggles My Mind

I don't understand why two of the best games I've ever played would not sell for even $.99. As Robert Plant has before me: It really makes me wonder. I'm speaking of my eBay auctions--if you didn't notice. They are doing fairly well, but seriously, when I sell a game like Revolution X for $5.00 and get nothing for two amazing games, it just goes to show that the gaming world is just as bad as the rest of the entertainment world: It's not what is ACTUALLY good that gets attention, but the things they TELL you are good. Makes me downright sick.

So, as I have yet to really push for any sort of participation, I want to know what game you fell in love with that the world seems to ignore. What game is "classic" in your mind, but maybe not the eyes of the world? What gem have you found amongst the trash?

For me, it would be one of two games (only one of these was actually up for auction): Primal or Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. By far two of the coolest things I've ever played and I heartily recommend you get your grubby mitts on either one--or both. I'm pretty sure you could pick them up for cheap cheap.

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