Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Virus and Space Bird

Here be the bird what will float in space for eternity, Space Bird. This is just the earliest state, as it still needs to be painted and assembled--it has legs and a tiny space helmet (how else could it float in space?). Again, I'll try and post pics as the chronicles of Space Bird develop. (He is made from Crayola's Model Magic, which is both cool and crappy, in that it is easy to work with, lightweight, and has a nice texture, but it doesn't blend very well and shrinks some as it dries--which is almost too fast.)

As for the virus part of the title, I stumbled around the interweb yesterday, via Stumbleupon, but it took me to a site that simply downloaded a Trojan virus and restarted my computer. So that sucks, but it looks like our IT guys were able to get it taken care of, luckily.

More Christmas Gibberish tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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