Monday, January 11, 2010

Cherry Cola Amazingness

There is a wonderful, magical place here in Lincoln called Rocket Fizz. It has hundreds of different sodas. Hundreds. It is amazing.

The reason I bring it up is because of cola I tried the other day: Sprecher Cherry Cola. This is one of the best sodas I've ever tasted. It tastes like the grenadine filled cherry cokes you get at Mexican or Italian restaurants, only with a bit more authentic cherry flavor. What does that mean exactly? It means it's freaking awesome and you need to track some down, buy it, and drink until your heart stops. Well, maybe not, but try some at the very least.

Also worth note: It is caffeine free. Normally, I like my colas caffeinated, but this one is too good--even with this downside.

This is good soda people, and I know my sodas.

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