Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Christmas Carol

Finally had a chance to check out Robert Zemeckis's A Christmas Carol this weekend, and I was quite impressed. Though the trailers make it look to be a zany/silly take on the old tale, it is anything but. Sure, there are moments where Jim Carrey's craziness comes on a little strong and there are one too many flying/running scenes, but these are mostly kept to a minimum. Plus, Carrey does quite a good job with his multiple character roster--especially with the ghost of Christmas Past.

What struck me the most though is Zemeckis's attention to the horror of Dicken's story. The atmosphere in this film is wonderful, and I was truly creeped out by the build up and subsequent haunting by Jacob Marley. Plus, the opening scene was beautifully macabre.

Overall, it is a faithful adaptation with some interesting visuals. It might be a bit scary--if not boring--for smaller children, but it is worth a look for fans of Zemeckis and Carrey. And while most Dicken's enthusiasts should be alright with the film's integrity, the aforementioned running/flying/transition scenes can be rather annoying. Regardless, this makes for a fun start to the holiday season.

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