Monday, November 16, 2009

Alternative Publishing Methods

After a wonderful conversation with Drew, he alerted me to presence of Cory Doctorow. Dude has made his career of writing via the interweb, selling and promoting his books online. But here's the catch: He gives the majority of his writings away via a Creative Commons Copyright.

This, to me, is awesome. I think it's more of the puritan form of what writing was/is/should be. We, as writers, write because we enjoy it. We write for others to read. Really? How many of us are in this/want to get into this biz for the money?

And from the sounds of things Doctorow says that it has been worth his time, effort, and resources. Is this the new wave of publishing? Who knows. But I think it's something that needs to be considered.

At length.

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