Friday, September 18, 2009


My brain is numb today. Feels like I don't know what is what, or who is who, or which project of the many I should be working on.

Had a weird dream last night involving The Incredibles and Venture Brothers. Not exactly sure how the two overlapped, but I kept waking up because of it, then going back into the same dream. Something to do with a water park, and The Monarch and Sgt. Hatred inadvertantly kill Mr. Incredible, Dr. Venture, and Brock all at once, leaving the brothers to themselves. Not sure what happened to the rest of The Incredibles crew.

Who knows, maybe this is an omen: Pixar making a Venture Brothers film? Brad Bird directing an episode? Doc Hammer going to work for Pixar? Or Disney's next purchase: Adult Swim.

I suppose only time will tell how prophetic I am--and here's hoping that I'm simply full of dookie.

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