Monday, September 21, 2009

For My Funk Today, I Blame...

The rain? No. To easy, and cliched.

Starting off the morning by taking my cat to the vet? No. I suppose he is doing alright--all things considered. A cat with only one functioning kidney, and even then only about 2/3 of the normal capacity, is expected to go to the vet for various reasons.

Watching both The Informant! and The Incredibles this weekend? Maybe. These two fine examples of film--especially in character development--make me realize how sorely lacking my own novel still is in fixing the wants of each character AND having dynamic relationships with those they come in contact with.

Waiting to hear back about my novel? Probably. Granted it's only been a week since I even mailed the thing off, and less than that for the time it's actually been in the hands of the agent. Patience, everyone says, patience. I'm trying. I really am, but realizing how much my novel is still lacking worries me that much more that this thing has been sent off once again--and not quite ready for another's eyes.

An unknown fifth thing? Sounds like the best bet, as I'm not sure what has killed my drive to do ANYthing today.

Whatever it is, I have lost all drive, run out of gas on every project I've been working on. Maybe I just need a nap or a healthy dose of video games. Man, I miss those things...

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stephanie said...

On the subject on The Informant, I agree with you about the building of character. I, too, left the theater thinking about my own people in my stories and how they might as well be paper dolls. However, I thought the movie was kind of slow to pick up, and maybe that's my modern brain or something, but the first half hour or so I was is boring. If it was the first 50 pages of a novel, I might have put the book down.

I'm sort of in a funk every day of my life, so I get you. I hope you shake out of it. The good news is that...well, I'm sure I'll think of something.