Friday, February 6, 2009

Finding Distractions

Right now, I'm either in Texas or on my way to Texas. I'm probably talking with my father about how insane my grandmother was, how she used to park on the freeway and say that other cars would stop because "I was here first," how we'd take 2 a.m. trips to Wal-Mart, or how we were always supposed to go to church but she slept until noon every time. Perhaps I'm laughing with my brothers about the drunk she used to harbor or about her dog that always looked like it my shiver itself to pieces.

Or I'm at my computer, trying to bury myself in my own stories. My fictitious world that only has to deal with the deaths and lives that I can control. Or I'm reading someone else's story, letting them carry me through the preset path the figured out the logistics to long ago. Maybe in the midst of remembering my grandmother, I'm trying to forget her just as quickly.

Regardless, this is the filler for today. I've lined up a bonus Gibberish for Monday. And by the time I come back to voice my thoughts, this will be over. You will have forgotten my grandmother. And, in some ways, I hope I'll have done the same.

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