Friday, August 21, 2009

Live-ing the Rifftrax

Last night, Lincoln--of all places--was one of the few venues that hosted the live feed of RiffTrax presents: Plan 9 from Outer Space live last night. I was lucky enough to attend.

It amazed me how different the feel of the whole thing was in the larger context. Not actually being in the theatre where the RiffTrax crew riffed from, it wasn't a whole lot different from simply watching a DVD at home. However, watching a RiffTrax with 100 people instead of 5 is quite a new thing entirely. The biggest difference/problem came from the fact that more people laughed over what might've been another joke. That part sucked, as I felt like I missed out on some of the more amusing moments in the Riff. Though, I will admit, that laughing alongside that many people really adds to the overall enjoyment of the thing--especially when I knew that I had friend's in another state laughing right along with us.

It wasn't really anything amazing, as I didn't figure it would be, but it improved my mood for the day, which had taken a turn for the worse (writing did not go well yesterday). I'll admit that it was well-worth the admission fee, though--something I haven't been able to say for most of the films I've seen this summer. Hopefully you have a wonderful film weekend--if not, make it better by downloading and watching a RiffTrax--and I'll see you Monday.

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